About us

We are a Digital Fashion and Product Photography Agency. And have an experienced team of professionals. Our team works shoulder to shoulder and deliver the best out of your product. We have one of the shortest (TAT) turn around time in the competition.

Our Founder – Mohit Shukla – Being among the founding members in Jabong.com. Mohit has an innovative experience when is comes to Fashion Photography & Image Editing. Jabong.com has been a trend setter in Fashion and Product Photography which has added a rich experience in his profile.

Starting from the beginning of 2011 Mohit has designed and operated the processes of Fashion and Brand Photography but, the game changer was his job improving the way this industry functioned. He has successfully improved many studios by introducing automation in their day to-day operations.

This experience not only ensures Ecome360 can offer best-in-class product photography, but also have access to a vast network of experienced, top-notch talent who understand how to contribute to, and execute against, these refined processes.

Ecomet360 is the Brand name for the company “Binisha Enterprises”.