Ecommerce Account Handling

Listing & Cataloging

Listing and cataloging of products on multiple e-commerce platforms. A systematically designed content drives the customers to stay more on the webpage and increases the chances of a sale tremendously. With seamless IT infrastructure and operational capabilities, we ensure fast and accurate listing of your products. Our diligent team possess right skill sets to match all your requirements related to content creation for each product; we do it all that helps your business to reach and sustain in the top position.

Market Strategy & Research

Starts all major marketing, branding, advertising, digital, and creative service projects with a deep understanding of your customers, competitors and marketplace.  This covers both quantitative and qualitative research and can range from desk and digital research to online surveys, telephone interviews and focus groups.

We have vast experience with market research and can undertake original research if needed.  We don’t forget the importance of internal research either. Most often we find the key to igniting a campaign, brand or organization is to be found internally.


All E-commerce Solution At One Spot


 Setting Up a Seller Account

Issues concerning your seller account will never be a problem with us at the helm. We’ll resolve these and guide you through all the intricacies of
registering your account.

Brand Registry & Protection

Registering your Brand on platform is an extensive procedure requiring concentrated efforts and ample time, except that we’ll manage each process
diligently and take care of submitting your Brand from malicious entities such counterfeiters and unauthorised sellers.

Product Listing Management

We handle all processes involving your product listing, from placing them in their specific category down to adding specific details like sku, content, search terms, attributes and more. Additionally, we also take charge of doing Bulk Variation listing for your product.

Listing Optimization

In Optimising your product pages we maximise keywords ranking our sew allow us to efficiently utilise them for increasing and  maintaining your pages conversion rates.

Enhancing Brand Content

Allow us to improve your listing conversation rates by Highlighting your product Benefits with enhanced Brand Content . We’ll Provide keyword
indexed compiling copies that elaborate further on the advantage your product offers; these will be presented in a strategic layout with captivating
images that perfectly complement the targeted Description.

Ads Management

To ensure that your Brand Maintains an above performance, our advertising campaign management services cover advertising solutions.

Order & Return Managment/ Customer Feedback

Customer order management (COM) refers to the business processes and services involved in ordering goods and services — purchasing, processing, fulfilling, shipping, delivering, and following up with the customer.

Returns management, also known as reverse logistics, is the process of overseeing products that are returned to an organization. Quality control is a key factor when dealing with returns, as defects in the item should be identified to enable adjustments in production processes.

Search Engine Optimization

Boosting your organic ranking will never be a problem when you count on our expertise. We know how important keywords are to improving your
Brand visibility. That’s why we make it a point to use only the most profitable ones for your product. Including long tail, High Volume Keywords Unknown to your competitors.